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The company DISA was established in 1990 as a purely Czech private subject, legally as a Public Company Limited. In 2012 the company was transformed to a Limited Liability Company (DISA s.r.o.). Since its founding the company has been a successful representative of foreign companies in the Czech and Slovak market.


solutions for water




Our products

We supply centrifugal pumps, progressive cavity pumps, diagram pumps, lobe pumps for a wide spectrum of application as well as booster set pumps Hydrovar and provide propositions, consultancies,  and maintenance.

We also provide both power and technical audit of pumps by means of a Chauvin Arnoux Qualistar CA 8332B device.


We are engaged in designing, supplying and servicing advanced water technologies comprehensive of both oxidizing and disinfection processes as well as homogenization of the batched chemicals.


Sewer system detecting technique.

Planning, selling, assembling and maintenance of measuring systems and systems for detecting explosive and toxic gasses.


We offer plastic indicator signs FP-DISA, marker posts, casing spacers and casing end-seals, wall penetration seals, pipe couplings TEEKAY, underground network markers, mechanical and magnetic manhole cover lifters - ITALIFTERS.

Our partners

Our partners

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About us

About us

We have introduced innovations in many spheres of water service which had been unknown in the Czech and Slovak market till this time. We cooperated in implementing vacuum chlorination, ozon transfer into water under pressure, special methods of UV irradiation or pumps with integrated frequency inverters. We were one of the first devoted to solving the problem of water loss from water mains and in providing camera survey of sewer systems supplemented with a wide offer of complementary functions. We also offer accessories to piping systems such as pipe couplings, wall penetration seals, casing spacers, casing end-seals, indicator signs and underground network passive markers.


Apart from water service activities at a municipal level we are a significant partner in many other industrial branches – pharmacy, microprocessor technology, healthservice and also in sports, for example in irrigation of golf courses or artificial snow making.


DISA s.r.o. has reached a high level in solving demanding technological problems during its thirty years of existence including delivery and subdelivery realization of capital equipment. We also insist on high-quality assembly and on a sophisticated service both during and after the warranty period.


Our aim is to introduce all our activities  in order for you to find a possible scope of interest. We would be pleased if you would contact us and we could become your reliable partner.

Hereto we would also like to thank all our present business partners looking forward to our further mutual cooperation.

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